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O'Hare's Velveteen Lops

Cindy Lopper

Broken Chestnut Velveteen Lop

Cindy is our Broken Harliquinized Castor Doe.  She has completely stlen my heart and lives with us in the main part of our home with Marshall.  She is so friendly and affectionate and loves cuddling up with us to watch TV.  


white velveteen lop florida

Marshall is our Ruby Eyed White Buck.  He is super curious ad very outgoing and friendly.  He and Cindy bonded right away and they live together in our home, seperate from the colony.  He loves to hang out and play and lets you know when it's time for attention!  


Orange Velveteen Lop Doe

Delilah, our Orange Velveteen Doe is such a calm and easy going girl.  Her gorgeous fur and gently, sweet temperament make her the absolute perfect cuddle buddy! 


Blue velveteen Lop, Velveteen rabbit breeder florida

Grace is our spunky and lively Blue Velveteen Lop Doe.  She is so affectionate, always grooming us and wanting to play.   Our f1 Plush Lop, Maggie, is her best friend.