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Sales Policy

 Please read and agree to our sales policy before asking to place a hold/buy a rabbit from us, this protects us, you and our bunnies, thank you.

We are Located In Port Saint Lucie Florida. We do not work with any transport service at this time, however we are willing to meet within a 25 mile radius at no additional charge.  For delivery or transport outside of that 25 mile radius, the cost will be $1 per additional mile at the buyer's expense. 


When an arrangement is made for pick up, the appointment time must be kept. a 15 minute grace period will be given for late arrivals unless rescheduled at least 3 hours in advance.  If the appointment time limit is approaching, I will give you a curtesy text as a reminder, but after that, the appointment will be forfeited and I can not guarantee my next availability. Missed appointments must be rescheduled within 24 hours and picked up within 3 days of missed appointment or the deposit will be forfeited and the rabbit will be relisted as available.  This is to safeguard my time as well as to ensure that any rabbit who is sold will go to a responsible and caring home.  

Rabbits must be scheduled to be picked up within one week of it turning 8 weeks old.  If you need me to hold the rabbit longer than that, I will do so as long as the rabbit is paid for in full by the 8th week.  Any timeframe longer than 2 weeks for the rabbit to be held after turning 8 weeks will result in a $10 per week care fee to include food & care until they go to their new home.  If the rabbit is held longer than the arranged timeframe without first discussing it, the rabbit will be forfeited  without refund and it will be relisted as available.

With each rabbit, we retain the first right of refusal-  you must offer the rabbit back to us for 1/2 of what you paid for it before you may sell, swap, or gift it to anyone else.  We will accept back any rabbit that is no longer wanted or can not be cared for before it is sent to a shelter or culled, with no refund.   Breech of this policy will result in a legally binding $250 fine and a permanant ban from purchasing rabbits from us as well as notification of the breech sent to other breeders in the area.

 Under NO circumstances will we sell a rabbit that appears to be sick or have any health issues. The rabbits are healthy to the best of our knowledge 
when they leave here.  We will not be held responsible if the rabbit 
becomes sick or dies while in your care. We are not able to control what the rabbit is exposed to outside of our rabbitry. When the rabbit or rabbits leave here, there will be NO REFUNDS or replacements, this is a typical policy. You should always check your rabbit upon seeing it to check for sex, type, whatever you may be expecting. We are also not responsible at any time for ANY vet or medical bills for your bunny once it leaves our rabbitry.  We strive to provide the best for our animals, any bunny can become stressed in the wrong situations and get ill.  This is another reason why we prefer bunnies not to be younger than 10 weeks if at all possible to go further away than local areas.  Information on your rabbits diet, care and a bag of transition food will be given upon pick up.  We are not responsible for care that leads to illness or worse once the rabbit leaves us.  However, we are always open to questions and are here to help with any situation that may arise to the best of our ability.

We do our best to check sexes, please make sure you check when you pick up your bunny for yourself, mistakes happen.   It can be very difficult to sex a rabbit, even the most experienced breeders/judges make mistakes.  Although I have a very high success rate for correctly sexing my rabbits, mistakes do happen, even with the most experienced breeders. Refunds or exchanges will not be given for sexing reasons, although we do suggest that you contact us as there are times where we may be able to work with you on exchanging your rabbit, but it is not guaranteed.  

I will not sell a rabbit just to sell it, we care about their welfare.  I reserve the right to refuse sales to any individual or group without reason.  

I do not want all of my rabbit's bred as I like to keep a close eye on the line in order to ensure that our name remains reputable and our lines strong.  Our rabbits that are not pedigreed and are cpet quality will ome with a no breeding contract.  If you are purchasing a rabbit to be bred, you MUST specify that to ensure that the rabbit is intended for that purpose. 

*We have the right to refuse any sale if we feel it necessary.  A full refund will be given if we decide upon this.  If you decide to cancel a sale for any reason, your  non-refundable deposit will not be refunded as it was given to hold that bunny and no one else is allowed to purchase that animal while another has it on hold.  When a sale is cancelled, it delays and at times prevents us from selling that rabbit due to age or time constraints and your deposit will be forfeited.  

*If paying by paypal or sending a deposit using Paypal, PLEASE use the family and friends feature OR add the 4% service charge if using any other method, thanks!

*No sales will be made to a minor. If you are under the age of 18 please 
have your parent or legal guardian contact us about purchasing a bunny. 

*We do not stud out our bucks.  Sometimes we will sell a doe bred but there is never a guarantee that it took and will produce kits.

There is No guarantee on a show animal’s ability of show/breed performance.  We breed to meet ARBA's standard of perfection, however, it is the buyers responsibility to evaluate the rabbit before purchase for any disqualifiers or issues relating to show.

*If for ANY reason you cannot keep or take care of your pet bunny 
anymore, we ask that you please bring it back to us.  No 
refunds will be given, but we will make sure the bunny is properly re-homed.  
This keeps our furry friends out of shelters.

If the rabbit that you have reserved unexpectedly gets sick or dies while in my care, then a full refund can be made or the deposit can be applied to another rabbit, which ever you would prefer.

If you are buying as a pet, you will not be sold two of the opposite sex rabbits to be housed in the same house, if it is a pet, it is not meant to be bred.  Pedigrees are sold with rabbits who are of pedigreed quality that we would like to see in future rabbits.  We will not sell our mixed rabbits with pedigrees as they are not intended to be bred or shown.

We accept Paypal when used in the 'friend/relative' category or a 4% fee is assessed.  Cash or Money orders are also accepted, no personal checks, thank you.

Our prices vary depending on breed/type/sex/color/quality.  A pet is not sold with a pedigree and should not be bred, the price reflects that as well.  Our Pet pricing starts at $50 and goes up depending upon the breed, etc.
Our Show/Brood pricing starts at $65 for Mini Rex, $75  for Hollands and $75 for Velveteen Lops, however, pricing may vary as it all depends on the type and lines, etc.  Buying multiples may be at a discounted rate. 


 If you find one (or more) that you would like to have, please ask to put a deposit down, it cannot and will not be held unless that is done.  Please do not get upset if the one you have asked about has sold by the time you make a decision, others are looking as well.  

By purchasing a rabbit from us, you acknowledge that you have read this sales policy and have agreed to it's terms. 

Thank You

O'Hare's Rabbitry