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O'Hare's Mini Rex


Broken Black Otter Mini Rex

May is our Broken Black Otter Mini Rex Doe, mother to Taylor.  She is a very mild tempered and friendly girl, such a sweet rabbit and a GREAT mother!  She has fostered a couple of Leah's kits when her milk was low or her litter was too large.  May was the reoasn that we fell in love with Mini Rex



Johnny is Jason's georgous, super smart and playful Black otter Buck from a strong Black otter line. Father to Taylor, Johnny has won for showmanship for 4H and will be shown again this Winter.  



Taylor, Matty's Broken Black Otter Doe is the child of Johnny & May and still loves being with her Mommy.  She is very sweet and sensitive and loves being cared for and groomed by May. She will part of our Mini Velveteen and Plush Lop Projects.



Kasey is Alicia's Broken Castor Jr. Doe from an awesome show line.  Alicia found her at an ARBA show and fell in love at first sight.  She is so friendly and sweet and loves attention.  Our Velveteen, Cindy, is her best friend.