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O'Hare's Holland Lop Doe's


Black Holland Lop, South Florida, OHare's rabbitry, True Dwarf Holland Lops

Leah is our spunky Black Doe, mother to Ellie and Vader. She normally weighs in around 3.9 lbs.  She is the head rabbit here and all of our other rabbits know that she is the Queen.  She's always getting groomed and followed by all the other Doe's.   


Blue eyed white Holland Lop Doe, Treasure coast Florida

Winter is Jillian's Beautiful Blue Eyed White Doe, a true dwarf, normally about 3.6 lbs. She has been shown through 4H and ARBA and comes from a great line.  She is shy, but very sweet once she warms up to you, but she's a bit prissy and we love her for it.  She is mom to Benny Jr.  


broken blue holland lop doe, florida rabbit for sale

Riley is Jillian & Alicia's Broken Blue Doe, 3.7 lbs. Riley came to us pretty timid and in rough shape, but with a bit of pampering and coddling, she is doing fantastic! Our Buck, Blue stole her heart and Ellie is her best friend.  


Chestnut Holland Lop Doe

Ellie is our pretty little Chestnut Jr. Doe.  She was hand raised by us from birth since her Mom's milk came in very late. She will be shown for the first time in February by Alicia.   She is the sweetest girl, always giving kisses and grooming us. Riley is her best friend. 


Broken blue holland lop doe

Chrissy is the daughter of Riley and Blue, we just couldn't part with this beautiful doe! She is sweet as pie and everyone loves her. She is still a Momma's girl and loves spending as much time as possible with Riley.


Blue Frosted Pearl Holland Lop

Elsa, our Frosted Pearl de is a bit shy around us but is little miss popularity with the other doe's. Her sweet little face always makes us smile!

O'Hare's Holland Lop Bucks


Blue Holland Lop

 Blue is Matty's Blue Holland Buck, a true dwarf, weighing in at 3.4 lbs, though he looks bigger because he is so fluffy!  We adore his personality, super laid back and very friendly.  He and Riley bonded on the car ride home from getting them and spending time with her is his favorite thing to do! 


Blue Holland Lop

Levi is full of personality and definitely loves the ladies! He's my little night time buddy and loves keeping me company while I work on my laptop at 

Benny Jr.

4H Holland Lop Rabbit Project

Benny Jr., a vienna marked Cream Holland, our youngest buck was the best surprise that his Dad, Benny, could have given us before he passed.  His Mother, Winter was so sad when Benny died and a week later, she surprised us with this singleton, so we had to keep him!  He LOVES playing with the other rabbits and us and is the cutest, fluffiest thing we have ever seen!

Benny (RIP)

Cream Holland Lop

Benny, our cream Holland Buck was bonded to Leah and stole Winters heart too, along with all of ours.  He was so sweet and friendly and playful and we wimm him like crazy! He died unexpectedly from pesticide poisioning that seeped into our yard from a neighbors yard.  We have kept 3 of his children, Ellie, Vader and Benny Jr.


Orange Holland Lop Buck

 Oliver is a lightly marked harlequin. He was a bit skittish and anxious when we first brought him home, but he has warmed up nicely and his awesome temperament shows through like a ray of sunshine!


Frosted Pearl Holland Lop

Toby is our newest Jr. Buck.  He is a Frosty/ Frosted Pearl Holland lop who is a bit timid but sweet as can be.  He lives with Benny Jr. currently and they are great friends and have lots of great quality play time together.  We are hoping to pair him with Riley in a few months.