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Customer Reviews

Kathryn & Julius Guerra


 Received Peanut from a loving and caring family. Peanuts parents are also there. You can text them about anything, provided us with great info and away available to ask for help. I would recommend and I have. Thank you so much for our new member to our family, he is making us laugh and having fun playing. My daughter is so happy to happy Peanut. Thanks again!!! 

Adria Pence



Megan is very nice and has very nice bunnies and rabbits and there all very healthy and happy bunnies I'm so happy to have gotten misty from her can't wait to get more I totally recommend getting some bunnies from Megan


Dawn O'Brien


Megan has always been an animal lover and her Rabbits are so well loved and cared for just like the rest of her animals.  She treats them all as family and loves them so much!  If you are looking for a happy, healthy and well adjusted rabbit, I highly reccommend O'Hare's Rabbitry 

Michelle Santiago


It's almost insane how much time Megan spends loving and caring for her rabbits. They are like her children and the rabbits light up and run to her when they see her coming! If you are considering a rabbit for a pet, I know first hand that O'Hare's rabbits are super happy and healthy and make great additions to a family just like our Shadow!

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Have you gotten a rabbit from us or worked with us before?  We'd love to hear about your experience

Have you gotten a rabbit from us, worked with us or gotten to know our Rabbitry?  Write us a review and let us know about your experience, we LOVE pictures of our rabbits with their new families!

Joanne Pandon


Thank  you So much! Chloe is in love and has decided to name her Magnolia!

Leigh Mia



I got my holland lops, Princess and Marnie from O'Hares and I highly recommend them! I could tell immediately that my girls were used to being handled and had been well cared for because they are so friendly and hardly any anxiety at all! I've had many rabbits and these were definitely the most well adjusted and happiest babies that I have ever gotten. Their Vet said that they were in perfect condition and had great structure and exceptional temperaments. This is officially the only place that I will be getting rabbits from, well worth the 2 hr drive to get them!


Danielle Perazzetti



O'Hares Rabbitry is a great rabbitry. They are very kind about answering questions and have well cared for bunnies. All there breeders aren't over bred and the kits are well cared for. O'Hares Rabbitry is a responsible breeder.

 **Photo not provided so we included a picture of O'Hare's Leah & Riley

Nalisa S.



I got my little guy from O'Hares. He had his first check up today and I was told he was in perfect health, and he was bred perfectly- for structure and temperament. He's so very sweet and gets along so well with my dogs. I cannot thank Megan enough for the newest member of our little family


Steve Cooke


O'Hare's is a quality, clean environment. They are friendly and easy to work with. Highly Reccommended

Elise G.


O'Hare's Rabbitry came recommended by a friend who got her rabbit from them.  I LOVE how friendly the rabbits are.  As soon as we walked into the pen, the rabbits came over to greet us and check us out.  They were not afraid of people at all and are so used to being handled.  When our baby came right up to us and licked our ankles, I knew we had to adopt him! Reno is the friendliest and most affectionate rabbit ever! He is such a joy to be around and it is very clear that he was raised in a social and loving environment.  Thanks O'Hare's for being so friendly and accommodating and raising such amazing pets!

Tiffany B


We are so in love with our Holland Lop Doe! We named her Jelly Bean because she is so sweet and small and adorable!  She is great with the kids and plays with our cat. We have and will keep referring you to anyone looking for a rabbit and we can't wait until we get another one!