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Welcome to O'Hare's Rabbitry!


We are a small, family operated rabbitry, based in North Florida and Florida's Treasure Coast.  I have always had a passion for animals and am a former Toy Poodle Breeder.  My 4 children got the animal lover gene and together, we created O'Hare's Rabbitry in 2017.

The idea for our rabbitry started with our first Holland Lop, Benjamin.  We fell head over heels in love with the breed and decided to add a couple more of them to our home.  Soon, we began researching rabbit genetics and standards of perfection and decided to try our hand at breeding.  Soon after we had our Holland Lop project underway, my sons wanted to add Mini Rex to our rabbitry, so we did.  Currently, we are working on a Velveteen Lop line as well as a new project creating the mini Velveteen Lop.  

My Children all use our rabbits for their 4H projects and show for 4H fairs, my daughters are working on showing for ARBA.  

Our Journey, so far, has strengthened our family bond and taught my children so much about responsibility, love, passion and has filled our hearts with so much joy.  We look forward to every day with our rabbits and are very grateful for all they have given us.  

Rabbit Diet, Healthy Treats

Raising Happy, Healthy Rabbits


All of our rabbits are raised indoors, are used to kids and pets and are part of our family.  They are handled and played with every day, helping to ensure that they are social and happy, reducing anxiety when our kits transition to their furever homes.


Our Rabbitry has a colony style set up where they each have a cage within an enclosed pen, but the doors remain open so that they can play or rest as the please.  Our Bucks and Doe's are separated to maintain proper breeding procedures and keep the stress low for them.  Additionally, our rabbits have an enclosed play area outside with a grazing garden to enjoy. 

 O'Hare's Rabbitry  recommends and feed our rabbits a diet consisting of 80% Hay (Timothy for all rabbits, Alfalfa and Timothy for young rabbits and pregnant or nursing Doe's) 10% Fresh Vegetables, 5% Pellets and 5% treats.  The pyramid shown explains what is considered treats.  After trying several types of pellets, we have found Blue Seal Show Hutch Deluxe 17 to be the best choice.  Our Rabbits have an unlimited supply of hay and are fed pellets in the morning and evening with a veggie mix snack in between.  We mix a pinch of rolled oats and a few black oil sunflower seeds to their pellets daily.  

Our rabbits are selected by bloodline, type, color and temperament.  We breed with ARBA's Standard of Perfection in mind and do our best to produce high quality rabbits.  We offer both  Pedigreed, non pedigreed and half pedigreed rabbits for show, brood and companionship.  

We currently offer Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Velveteen Lops and due to our latest project, we are expecting some Holland/Mini Rex and Velveteen/Mini Rex to be available this year.

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From Our home to Yours


We absolutely adore our rabbits and want you to have the same experience. 

We are happy to help you find everything that you need for the perfect set up will explain in detail how to car for your rabbit including how to socialize, introduce them to your home and pets, what to feed them and how much, how to litter train your rabbit, how to recognize signs of discomfort or illness, how to handle them properly and what first aid items to keep handy. 

Our rabbits will come with a bag of transition feed and we will explain just how to transition their food.  We encourage all of our buyers to contact us at any time, including long after you have brought your rabbit home, if you have any questions at all. 

our kits are generally weaned by 6-7 weeks and we keep the kits with us for a least 2 weeks prior to weaning to ensure that they are healthy and that their digestive system is stabilized.  We will not send any kit to their new home before 8-9 weeks under any circumstance.

Our rabbits are part of our family and because of this, we need to ensure that they will be in good hands after leaving us.  We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason that we see fit.  

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